Mucca creative director Matteo Bologna stopped by VSA for an afternoon talk


VSA was honored yesterday to host Matteo Bologna, creative director and partner at the New York-based design firm Mucca, for a conversation about branding and typography. Bologna was in Chicago working with the recently opened Chicago Athletic Association Hotel.

Bologna founded Mucca after realizing the crucial role that typography plays in a company’s branding. While he never formally studied graphic design (he has a background in architecture), he has created impactful work for such brands as Victoria’s Secret, Whole Foods and Target, just to name a few.

Bologna gave VSAers some “life lessons from a professional amateur,” as he puts it, including: “Do research and make sure your work is historically correct,” “follow your dreams” and “hire people who do the job better than you.”

When asked, “How do you connect persona and font?” Bologna responded with, “I’m a surfer and I surf design guides. Whole Foods isn’t a trend-setting company; they want to work around existing trends. I took this and ran with it for the typeface consideration and branding.”

What really makes an afternoon with Bologna memorable is his knack for delivering zingers, such as this one: “Real men don’t design display fonts—real men design text fonts.” Whether or not you agree with the man, you have to admit he is entertaining—and very talented.

VSA always enjoys connecting with design thinkers from around the world to share ideas and get inspired by the best. Thanks for a great talk, Matteo.

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