Sol Sender gives expert opinion on the role of design in a political campaign

Excerpt from, April 15

As the first four major 2016 presidential hopefuls look to highlight their differences, one bond ties the quartet together: criticism of their campaign logos.

Eager to seize early momentum and impress their brand upon voters, the four have unveiled logos they hope will click with the electorate. But in the finicky world of social media, where everyone seems to be a critic, the reaction has not always been kind. Democratic favorite Hillary Clinton’s logo has been likened to a traffic sign; GOP senators Rand Paul and Ted Cruz each chose logos that feature a flame and their fellow Republican Sen. Marco Rubio seemingly forgot about seven electoral votes. Veterans of the logo rollout process say the real or perceived glitches are as predictable as a candidate’s sudden affinity for Iowa.

“The thing about political [clients], there’s very little experience around how long it takes to do exceptional quality design work,” said VSA’s Sol Sender, the graphic designer responsible for President Obama’s 2008 campaign logo. “Plus, there’s probably an urgency.”

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