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Kleenex’s “Someone Needs One” Earns Facebook Award for Best Use of Platforms


Kleenex has been honored with a Facebook Award for “Best Use of Facebook Platforms” for its integrated commercial program. The program featured a first-of-its-kind partnership with Facebook, which leveraged user data from status and mood updates to better target the videos to individuals’ interests.

When people think tissues, they think Kleenex. The brand has the strongest bonding scores in the facial tissues category. But the category itself has registered a consistent year-over-year decline over the past 15 years. The reason: People saw no purpose for tissues beyond wiping their nose, and for that, they could use almost anything else.

Our goal was to reach moms (ages 25-54), Kleenex’s targeted core consumers. They had grown up with Kleenex, yet they were questioning its value when compared to other tissue brands. We needed to win them back emotionally.

“Kleenex. Someone Needs One.” became the tagline for the program, which featured film vignettes that went viral. We toured the country, gathered a band of unlikely brand ambassadors—a handicapped animal, a compassionate war veteran and dozens of other people—and then told their stories via 21 online filmed vignettes released through a first-to-market partnership with Facebook. The messages generated genuine emotional connections by using data to deliver the right content to the right people at the right time.

The video of Chance the dog touched more than 40MM viewers; Renee, a NICU nurse who has devoted her life to nursing premature babies, racked up 10.55MM views; the video about James and Mary, two Armed Forces vets who have supported each other through tough times, but never met, reached 4.5MM viewers. From start to finish, the program allowed Kleenex to experience unsurpassed engagement and reach as well as significantly increased brand perception and sales.

VSA was honored to work with contributing teams from Mindshare, Ketchum, Geometry Global, VIMBY and VML.

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