Kleenex Aims to Make Kindness ‘Contagious’

Excerpt from Advertising Age, June 15, by Jack Neff

People have long turned to Kleenex to wipe away tears. Now the Kimberly-Clark Corp. brand is trying to manufacture them with a campaign that features people coming to the rescue of others in emotional distress. The tagline: “Someone needs one.”

The integrated campaign launched with a TV ad June 8 from a new agency for Kleenex — VSA Partners Chicago, a former design firm turned full-service agency. The 30-second “Time for a Change” spot shows a little girl, seemingly having been bullied, sitting alone and crying as a school bus empties. A little boy stops by her seat to say: “People think boys are loud and immature and don’t care about feelings, but they’re wrong.” Then he hands her a Kleenex from a Pocket Pack.

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