Inc. interviews D’Addario CEO about VSA’s re-branding of the decades-old music company

How does a client relationship evolve from a one-off project to a long-term engagement? In an interview with Inc. magazine, VSA client Jim D’Addario, CEO of the guitar string company D’Addario, described how a packaging project initiated in 2012 grew into a whole new brand expression system for the 40-year-old company.

“I’m trying to hold on to the past and not give up something that I think is successful. And they’re trying to propose something that will take us into the future,” he said of one of his early conversations with VSA.

It took the CEO, who had designed the company’s logo himself in the 1970s, a while to agree to VSA’s vision for an image update. “There is this process where you … start trusting each other more, and you start believing in what they are proposing,” he told Inc. “In the end, the solution was to come out with something completely new and fresh.”

From the new logo sprang a brand book, which, D’Addario says, has quickly become a critical foundation for the company. “When a new engineer starts, he reads it and understands what our culture is,” said D’Addario. “It just makes everything so much easier. So now, we’re sitting back and … watching the ride, and it’s having a great effect in every sub-brand and every category.”

Thank you to Inc. for a great interview and to Jim D’Addario for a fantastic partnership. To learn more about VSA’s work for this family company, which was started in a small Italian village in the late 1600s, read an earlier article in our News section here.