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Work Launches First National Campaign


Online home furnishings and décor retailer is taking a refreshing approach in the company’s first national marketing campaign. The campaign, titled “For the Love of Home,” is centered around the idea that all consumers should feel the love of home and aims to bring the lesser-known player to the forefront in its category. The work includes national TV, print, digital display and digital radio, using emotion-first messaging in a category largely focused on promotional/sales messaging. products are the backdrop of the campaign, acting as a canvas for the stories being told in each element. The work proves that it’s OK for ecommerce brands to cast products as a supporting role, opposed to being central to the message. By emphasizing that it’s not a million things to make a special home but the right things, the campaign highlights the ways that various types of families love their homes, reminding viewers that it’s not about the products within a home, but the people and the memories that make a home, home.

The TV spots will air on national networks including ABC, FOX, HGTV, BBC America and Food Network and are featured in :60, :30 and :15 renditions.

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