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Effie Worldwide Features Bob Winter on “Kleenex. Someone Needs One”


Kleenex. Someone Needs One.” took home a Silver Effie in the Home Supplies & Services category of the 2016 North American Effie Awards.

The Kleenex brand is one of the most famous brands in the world. At the same time, we thought maybe there was a way that we could reposition Kleenex to be even more relevant—not as a tool for helping you blow your nose when you’re sick, but as a simple tool for showing somebody that you care. By offering somebody a Kleenex, you’re showing them that you care about them in a really easy, but beautiful way. That was really the genesis of the whole idea.

The notion of “Someone Needs One”—which ended up being the whole campaign idea—came from looking at our target: Moms. They were aware of the fact that there’s a little bit of an empathy deficit happening in our world, where kids don’t seem to know how to be taught to care about other human beings. Moms were really concerned about making sure that they’re raising good, caring people for the world.

It may seem silly to think that Kleenex could be this big gesture. (And actually, it isn’t—it’s just a little gesture.) But it turns out, in this day and age, small ways to bring people together actually have a huge impact. Just by the tiniest little gesture of offering somebody a Kleenex, you’re really showing them that you care about them—and that’s something that was much desired by our audience.

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