Dwell features VSA designer’s collaboration to promote female designers

A Chicago-based collaboration of young female creatives, including VSA Partners Senior Designer Katherine Walker, is featured in the July/August issue of Dwell. The five women—design staffers, freelancers and students—joined forces in 2010 to share ideas, overcome familiar barriers and take on projects that elevate the visibility and impact of females in the design profession.

Called “Quite Strong,” the once-impromptu partnership has grown in its mission, visibility and influence. Local meet-ups have attracted like-minded professionals and spawned multiple pro-bono projects, and Quite Strong’s online resource for female designers, developers and artists—known as the “Lust List”—includes leading practitioners and attracts submissions worldwide.

Walker, who joined VSA shortly after Quite Strong was launched, continues to guide the evolution of the volunteer group. “Originally, we came together to create a collaborative space for the five of us,” she recalls. “We’re happy to have grown into a resource for creatives locally and an advocate for female creatives globally. We use Quite Strong as a platform to interact with and enrich the design and development community, regardless of gender.”