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Digital Goes Analog: The Trade Desk Campaign


Using newspaper to tout the benefits of programmatic


Making work for a fast-growing business at the forefront of an industry paradigm shift presents a unique advertising challenge: What’s going to add real value and amplify the story? How do you not…mess, with what isn’t broken?

It’s hard not to admire what The Trade Desk has accomplished. Their programmatic digital ad-buying platform represents the future (and with every passing day, the present) of the industry. More than that, they’ve built an engaging brand with clear sense of purpose. So in tackling this assignment, we thought hard about how to craft a message that spoke both to the business, and the people behind it.

Touting the benefits of their platform in a high-profile newspaper buy felt like the perfect fit–a blend of counter-intuitiveness, approachability, and strategic intent designed to reflect both a leadership stance, and the culture that makes them such a unique player in the tech space. From the New York Times to the Wall Street Journal and Mercury News, this campaign shines a light on the changing nature of the advertising playing field, while having a little fun out there on it.

We hope you have as much fun reading these as we did making them.

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