Dana Arnett Hosts Symposium at AIGA Design Conference

This week, VSA’s Founding Partner, Vice Chairman and 2017 AIGA President-Elect, Dana Arnett, will host a symposium at the AIGA Design Conference in Minneapolis. The symposium, titled “Design for Business Impact,” will explore the intersection of business and design, and how design thinking can affect success, productivity and innovation in corporations.

As design is continuously recognized as a more effective form of creating business solutions, the five-part symposium will explore its role in today’s world and where the future of the industry is headed.

“The annual AIGA Design Conference is an opportunity for some of the most esteemed leaders in the industry to exchange insights on the rapidly changing design,” shared Arnett. “Specifically, the Design in Business symposium will explore design’s ever-evolving relationship with business—from the tools we use and the environment we complete our work, to how that work is shared with the world.”

The symposium, which takes place on Saturday, October 14th, will feature discussions and insights from writer and author Jocelyn Glei, VP of strategic design at BCG Digital Ventures Kevin Bethune, and Airbnb’s Director of experience design Katie Dill.