Dana Arnett and Bill Rosen speak at SEGD

VSA’s CEO Dana Arnett and Partner in Consumer Marketing Bill Rosen will speak at The Society for Experiential Graphic Design’s Conference (SEGD) – “Experience Chicago” on June 5.

Marketers today face a new world of complexity that challenges their ability to lead and inspire growth for their brands and business. In a moderated Q&A titled, “Rethinking Design,” Dana and Bill will discuss how they are uniting creativity with the science of human behavior to transform VSA and the value that design can bring to their client’s toughest challenges.

Dana mentions how VSA has created a “new model for a new world,” one that integrates the important ideals of design with the new disciplines of behavioral science. “Just as Chicago has stayed vibrant over time thanks to break through thinkers like John Massey and Jay Doblin, so the tradition continues with VSA” Dana says.

With more than 1,700 members in 20 different countries, SEGD has been the global, multidisciplinary community of professionals who plan design, and build experiences that connect people to place. The SEGD Conference is the only annual conference designed for creative working in Experiential Graphic Design. Dana and Bill will join an impressive roster of speakers including the co-founder of the Chicago Design museum and SVP Director of Design at Leo Burnett.

To learn more about SEGD’s Experience Chicago, click here.