Cargill Talks Brand Value in VSA’s Latest “____ on Brand”

As one of the world’s largest privately-owned businesses, providing food, agricultural, risk management, financial and industrial products and services, Cargill helps to feed millions of households across the globe. For 150 years, Cargill has built strong brand equity, which Paul Hillen, Vice President of Global Marketing, attributes to crucial steps in building their brand, while building their business.

In the “Cargill on Brand” video, Hillen shares two critical steps to building a successful brand: (1) Define your brand before anyone else does, and (2) identify and share your brand’s benefits.

“It’s imperative for your brand to own a unique benefit that’s more relevant than the next alternative,” Hillen elaborates. “One problem CMOs have is that they talk too much about their product or service and leave out the most important thing that customers care about, which is the benefit that those products and services provide.”

And Cargill has followed this playbook. They commit to understanding their stakeholders’ needs and position their brand to deliver those needs. The company has established themselves as a trustworthy partner by providing support and jobs to their network of farmers, community members and food suppliers across the globe. The brand has put their stakeholders’ measure of success first, meaning they’ve been able to grow their business and gain confidence with the global brand. Furthermore, by Cargill participating in the dialog around key global issues of sustainability, food security and nutrition facing the food system, they have become an industry thought leader. Cargill’s values—and promoting those values—have driven the long-standing, private company into a thought-leader position with increased transparency.

Cargill set out to be the global leader in nourishing people, and they’ve done just that.

“Cargill on Brand” is the third and final component of VSA’s “_____ on Brand” video series., which highlights world-class brands and their leadership. View the other installments of the VSA “_____ on Brand” series, “Cole Haan on Brand” and “IBM on Brand”.