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Breckenridge Brewery Launches First Consumer Campaign


To introduce its new Nitro Irish Stout, Breckenridge Brewery has debuted its first national consumer campaign. Recently premiered at the Anheuser-Busch national distributor SAMCOM conference, the initial spots, titled “In Good CO” and “Irish Inspired. Colorado Crafted.” received wild response. The spots nod to the brewery’s unique technology, but hinge on the natural wonders of Colorado and the apres ski lifestyle offered by the brand.

Unlike most beer advertisements that lean into brewing processes and ingredients, the spots draw a visual parallel between Breckenridge’s nitrogen-infused beer and captivating scenes from what the brand fondly refers to as its “67,000,000-acre beer garden.” From the flow of the river to the spray of the snow, the cinematography captures how the Nitro pour naturally complements the sights and sounds of Colorado.

“Whether you’re going to work, going skiing or hiking—at the end of the day, Breckenridge rallies behind the experience of coming together and enjoying a good beer with good people,” shared George O’Neill, Director of Sales and Marketing at Breckenridge Brewery. “We’re brewers first, so of course we care about the beer—but more than anything, we’re obsessed with the experience and sharing that with others—both locals and visitors alike. That ethos combined with our heritage as one of Colorado’s first craft breweries naturally led us to the tagline ‘In Good CO.’”

The phrase “In Good CO” acts as a unifying sentiment and headline throughout the campaign, emphasizing Breckenridge’s deeply-rooted belief in hospitality and camaraderie. Beyond the two spots, the campaign spans across OOH, digital, social and continued redesigns for Breckenridge’s packaging suites, including a new look for the Nitro Irish Stout cans.

While the Brewery has been canning Nitro beer for several years, the campaign serves to formally introduce its newest Nitro Irish Stout, as well as its other nitro brews, including Nitro Pumpkin Spice Latte, Nitro Vanilla Porter, and more. Innovative canning technology recreates the silky, smooth experience of having a nitro draft beer at a pub. A fixed widget on the bottom of the can holds liquid nitrogen, and when cracked open, the widget disperses small nitrogen bubbles throughout. With an optional pour into a glass, a mesmerizing cascade presents itself, culminating in a pillowy head.

“Breckenridge has always taken pride in the beer they brew, the place they’re from, and the friends they share it with, and it was time to introduce themselves to beer drinkers nationwide,” said Evan Thompson, Creative Director at VSA Partners. “We wanted this campaign to welcome everyone—strangers and friends—to this place where amazing experiences are waiting around every corner.”

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