Martha Stewart Helps Borden® Cheese Celebrate Dairy-Farm Families

In the cheese brand’s latest marketing efforts, Borden® Cheese targets busy moms by channeling the values instilled in dairy-farm families. The integrated campaign features TV, social and digital media installations and, most unique to the program, a Facebook Live activation hosted by icon Martha Stewart.

Borden® Cheese is made on the belief that the best products are composed of quality ingredients and genuine care. With an opportunity to further refine its current identity, Borden® Cheese products were being overshadowed by major household names of the category. To overcome this challenge, VSA helped Borden® Cheese emphasize its commitment to making quality products through a full suite of marketing efforts. The campaign is anchored by the tagline “Love. Always an Ingredient,” which highlights dairy farmers’ dedication to producing Borden® Cheese.

A unique component of the campaign was a partnership between Borden® Cheese and Martha Stewart’s Facebook Live show. As a relatively new feature for Facebook, very few brands have figured out how to effectively leverage Facebook Live, but with the launch of her live cooking show (which has over 2.2 million followers), Martha Stewart has become known as a pioneer of the new space.

Borden® Cheese is the first cheese brand to take the stage in Martha Stewart’s coveted Facebook Live kitchen. In the video, Martha shares a classic seasonal recipe—grilled cheese and tomato soup—using a variety of Borden® Cheese products. The event, which Martha also shared in a blog post, aired Dec. 5 and has attracted 218k video views and yielded 502.9k impressions since its air.

VSA has also helped Borden® Cheese enhance its digital presence through a website redesign and social media efforts. Other components of the campaign include a series of online advertisements and six TV spots (served programmatically) featuring dairy-farm families caring for their farms. The campaign has obtained over 662.2 million impressions since its launch in September 2016, with social media installations attracting more than 6.3k gained Facebook followers. Coordinated paid search efforts and updates to the Borden® Cheese website have resulted in a three-fold increase year-over-year in unique users.

VSA’s relationship with Borden® Cheese began six months ago as part of a greater client engagement with Dairy Farmers of America (DFA) Consumer Brands division. VSA now works on marketing initiatives for three of the group’s major cheese brands: La Vaquita® Cheese, Borden® Cheese and Cache Valley® Creamery. By developing a campaign that also supports a long-term business strategy, VSA’s approach immediately stood apart to win the business, and has since helped DFA Consumer Brands division address their immediate business needs to grow recognition.

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About Dairy Farmers of America
Dairy Farmers of America (DFA) is a national dairy marketing cooperative that serves and is owned by more than 14,000 members on more than 8,000 farms in 48 states. DFA is committed to providing value to its farmer-owners through marketing members’ milk, providing services and resources on the farm and investing in plants and brands such as Borden® Cheese, Plugrá® Butter, and Kemps® that connect family farms to family tables. Borden® Cheese is a licensed brand trademark. For more information, call 1-888-DFA-MILK (332-6455) or visit