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Blue Point Brewing Debuts “Patchogue’s Got It All”


Blue Point Brewing Company is ready to invite the rest of the U.S. to its Long Island backyard in a way only Blue Point can. The world-class brewery, based in Patchogue, N.Y., announced today the launch of a new integrated media campaign, brand identity and package design in support of its flagship beer, Toasted Lager.

Entitled “Patchogue’s Got It All,” the new media campaign, created by VSA Partners, offers beer lovers a taste of Blue Point’s coastal hometown and the sights and people that make it so unique. “It is really important that our first major creative effort reflects the brewery’s roots and attitude,” said Todd Ahsmann, President of Blue Point Brewing Company. “We’re proud of our Long Island roots where we take our beer seriously. We just don’t take ourselves too seriously.”

With that in mind, Blue Point pushed for a concept that went beyond simply touting Toasted Lager’s unique blend of specialty malts and hops and how its beer is made. For the creative team, spending time at the brewery provided the key insight.

“It quickly became clear that, not only is Blue Point’s beer great, but the town of Patchogue itself is a big part of the brewery’s character,” said Bob Winter, Partner and Executive Creative Director at VSA. “The tasting room there is like a surrogate town square where everyone gathers to talk and relax.”

In the campaign’s leading 30-second spot, viewers are taken on a tour of the small Long Island town by a local whose pride in commonplace details is matched only by his earnestness in presenting them. Nothing in town—from a phone booth to a t-shirt printing shop to the local water tower—is too mundane to celebrate, further reiterating how these charming idiosyncrasies are what “make Patchogue great.”

Throughout the spot, our affable tour guide is always framed in some way by Blue Point Brewing Company signage or packaging, which goes unmentioned but not unnoticed. At its conclusion, just as the viewer thinks a product message will finally be revealed, another otherwise unexceptional piece of local trivia—the origin of the wood that makes a barstool—becomes the focus instead. The misdirect helps establish a disruptive yet easy-going position for Blue Point.

The :30-second format will run with a series of :15-second ads on programmatic and select digital media beginning June 1. The campaign will also include digital, on-premise, out-of-home and transit advertising along the Long Island Railroad route between Penn Station and Patchogue.

Blue Point is also unveiling a refreshed brand identity and Toasted Lager packaging — the first update since the brewery started in 1998. The new company logo nods to Blue Point’s heritage, featuring an updated version of the iconic buoy that has been a beacon to craft beer lovers for more than 18 years. The design evokes the weathered, handmade feel of the waterfront community, and Patchogue’s longitude and latitude are featured in the mark — further ingraining Blue Point’s hometown into its identity.

In an effort to add relevance and a new contemporary feel to its brand, Blue Point will release updated Toasted Lager packaging featuring its new logo in June 2016, with plans to eventually update packaging across its entire lineup of beers.

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