Allstate Makes Its Debut at CES

A leader within the insurance and transportation industry, Allstate found itself sitting on massive amounts of historical driving data. In the unique position to positively influence this rapidly changing space, they founded Arity, a mobility insights technology company. Leveraging over 85 years of insurance data, risk modeling expertise and a deep experience working with drivers, Arity’s mission is to improve transportation—an industry that many regard as inefficient—through a suite of products and services for both consumers and businesses. This year at CES, Allstate showcased the Arity brand and several of its first B2B and Consumer products.

Since 2016, VSA has been working with the startup to help communicate its revolutionary products and services— including brand strategy and expression, digital and environmental design, marketing collateral and sales enablement. A major challenge has been effectively communicating and promoting how Arity is helping advance the transportation system through insurance, automotive and shared mobility technologies that promise to make transportation smarter, safer and more useful for all. For the first time ever, at CES, consumers and business leaders were able to get hands-on with Arity products and learn more from Arity representatives.