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AI+Design Episode 4: Solving for Bias in AI



The topic of diversity is ever present—From the workplace to homelife, the subject is surrounding us. As we look at the world of AI and Machine Learning, product developers, designers, marketers, and even consumers, need to make sure we’re aware of biases that can creep into technology and data.

In episode four of AI+Design, we sit down with Jeff Nelson of Cinchapi. Jeff is not only an experienced developer, working from Silicon Valley to New York City, but he’s built a career and company to help consider and eliminate bias in data and products.

Episode 4 Takeaways:

  1. An understanding of why bias is a crucial consideration
  2. Real world examples and cases of products that have “failed” or “performed”
  3. Designing products and experiences that allow for feedback
  4. How to combat bias in your own work

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