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VSAer Jackie Ostrowski Writes on Interactive Storytelling for GatherContent


In 2015, global agricultural leader Cargill wanted to celebrate its 150th anniversary by emphasizing its unwavering commitment to improving worldwide nourishment, innovating food production and setting the bar high for agricultural excellence. VSA built a website and app that accomplished this—layered with the master brand “thrive” and drawing on 150 of the company’s past stories and ideas to communicate its legacy as a global agricultural leader. VSA’s team created a compelling content strategy centered around Cargill’s core values and industries for this 150th anniversary effort.

In a blog post written for GatherContent, VSA’s Associate Director of Content Jackie Ostrowski addresses how the agency created multiple animated storytelling experiences for Cargill employees. The stories, displayed on 91” touchscreens at Cargill’s campus in Minneapolis, Minnesota, take employees through each step in an ingredient’s journey from process to final product. Jackie’s piece shows readers how VSA created a story that resonates and brought that story to fruition using GatherContent.

“GatherContent’s seamless integration eliminates the hassle of working with separate copy documents, empowering content leads to be more in control of final,” Jackie shared. “We used Gather to manage a complex ecosystem of content modals, helping us create interactive, storytelling-focused experiences for Cargill’s ingredient stories.”

VSA has been in partnership with Cargill for nearly a decade, helping the company strengthen its corporate communications as well as build its brand through an external audience. Through interactive installments, OOH advertising, digital efforts and more, Cargill has advanced the way their brand communicates with its employees, stakeholders and consumers.

As a longtime vendor and leading-edge content capturing tool, GatherContent offers a platform that has given VSA’s content and technology teams a more efficient and more accurate way to track large volumes of storytelling content designed to be experienced in a highly interactive way.

Read Jackie’s piece on the GatherContent blog, and learn more about VSA’s capabilities on our website.