VSA minds at work.

Agile at Work: Building Stronger Client-Agency Partnerships

Agile could be added to today's ever-growing list of buzzwords—but it shouldn't be. This way of working was designed to be far more impactful than it's become known for. When implemented correctly, Agile can be a powerful means of bringing teams together and constructing stronger relationships between client and agency. Meredith Neistadt and Tobi DeVito explain how to work in Agile, and how to do it right.

Re-Writing the Research Playbook: How to Think About Research Differently

When considering research strategies, unconventional approaches can be a powerful tools in unlocking participants' creativity, ideas and willingness to share—leading to better insights over all. So how can folks think about research in a way that creates an environment for deducing the best information and ideas? Senior Strategist Marisa Rondinelli shares a few pointers.

Going Back to the Basics: Data and Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are today’s industry buzzwords. But where should you begin when looking at your technology strategy? Dan Knott goes back to Data and AI 101 in order to help brands understand how these two forces work together for success.

Shifts in Social Media Behaviors: What’s Next?

It’s been 14 years since Facebook burst onto the internet scene, forever changing the way we connect online – and, consequently, the way brands promote themselves and their offerings. But what’s next for social media platforms (and social media marketing) as consumers grow wiser to the ways in which social media impacts their brains, their opinions, and their privacy?

Unlocking Data-Driven Insights with Bayesian Belief Networks

In today's data-driven world, it seems like there are infinite tools to help marketers and brands better understand their audiences. Bayesian Belief Networks are a powerful way to uncover and leverage insights using data—and yet, they are still a little-known tool.

CDP 101: A Closer Look at a Martech Newcomer

Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) have entered the martech space. Still in a relatively new kind of data management, how do brands determine if investing in a CDP is right for them? Here, we offer a break down of what CDPs are, their potential and what types of brands the most benefit.

The Role for Women [and Men] in the Workplace

Women's History Month might be coming to a close, but we're still actively thinking about and working to solve women's issues—from inside of our walls, out. A true force for women in the workplace (and in the world in general), Director, Product Management Tobi DeVito offers inspiring advice on how simple steps for leveling the playing field for your female colleague and women altogether.

Get Connected to Connected TV

There's Linear TV, Addressable TV and now there's Connected TV — So how do you know what's the right medium for your brand? As the complexity of media buying and planning increases, it's becoming more difficult for marketers to develop strategic, efficient plans. Media Buyer Carrie Viviano breaks down the definition of Connected TV, who should be using, how and where this newcomer to the media space is headed.

UX Essentials: Skills that Drive Value

At VSA, we refer to UX as Experience Architecture, to underscore the discipline's planning aspect—and because we sometimes work outside the digital focus of traditional UX. While a career in this field requires both hard and soft skills, some take precedence in order to truly thrive in this important and complex role. To paint a picture of Experience Architecture in context, we're sharing some projects that highlight the role, and break down the XA skills that helped these projects succeed.

How to Thrive in the Age of the Employee

The workplace is transforming. Employees are empowered with more information, more choice, and more demands as technology enables greater transparency and our expectations as customers follow us into work. A well-designed employee experience is no longer optional for businesses—it's critical to sustaining a competitive advantage.