Mind at Work: Client Engagement Director Natasha Young

Whenever possible, we like to sit down with one of our creative minds at VSA to find out what inspires them. In a world where there’s constantly pressure to “produce, produce, produce,” it’s important to stop and reflect on the special people, places and things that actually drive our creativity.

Today, VSA Client Engagement Director Natasha Young sheds light on the four things that inspire her and help her do what she does.

1. Jamaica countryside

My parents are from the mountains—the “country”—of Jamaica, which isn’t the white sandy Jamaica most people are familiar with. My siblings and I are first-generation Americans and the Jamaican culture was a filter for everything I did growing up. I always felt different, but I embraced this throughout my life and it brings unique perspective to my work environment and relationships today. I always bring a little of that to the table in my thought process, knowing it’s a great thing to be different.

2. Music

I have a passion for music. In my life, I’ve played the piano, violin and guitar. I’ve also been in a singing group, played in several musical theater productions, and wrote, produced and recorded my own music. I believe music has the power to take you through and enhance whatever it is you’re doing. At work, I have several playlists that help me focus or get me ready for the next presentation.

3. Audible

I’m never without a book. I used to read many books on my kindle, now I listen to everything via audible.com, and my life has been forever changed. I listen to a lot of self/professional development books that give me a new perspective on work approaches, relationships or generally improve my soft skills. 7 Habits of Highly Effective People is an oldy but goody, and one that gets continuous play on my list.

4. Apple Watch

I’m a techie and an organization junkie, and I think the Apple Watch was made for me. It reminds me when I have a meeting or a task that’s due. It tells me when I’ve been sitting too long and when a coworker is trying to ping me. I try to challenge myself to 10,000 steps a day too, and I make it most times.