Mind at Work: Business Development Manager Kally Fayhee

In a world where there’s constantly pressure to “produce, produce, produce,” it’s important to stop and reflect on the special people, places and things that actually drive our creativity. Today, Business Development Manager Kally Fayhee sheds light on the four things that inspire her and help her do what she does.

1. Swimming

I don’t know what it is about the water, but I always have the clearest thoughts when I’m in the pool. If I’m stressed or just need a bit of alone time, the water is my sanctuary; it’s a place where I can turn my brain off and just swim. I think that’s why it tends to be my most creative space—I allow my mind to wander to creative places that it wouldn’t typically go during the day.

2. Airplanes

Ok, bear with me on this one! For me, an airplane is one of the best places to get those creative juices flowing. First, you have the airport terminal itself—one of the most interesting places for people-watching. It makes me wonder why people act certain ways and think about what makes them tick. Then you get on the plane—where all you can do is sit and work or listen to music and zone out. Planes can either be the most productive or the most zen place—both a must when it comes to helping me get creative or focus.

3. Coffee

I once tried to give up drinking coffee…that didn’t last long. I start every day with a venti brewed coffee, and I’m a much happier person that way. Those magical beans kick my brain into high gear in the morning and let me start off the work day with my best foot forward.

4. The Wall Street Journal

I always start my day by reading The Wall Street Journal. This daily habit helps me stay on top of current events, educate myself about different industries and think outside of the box. There are a million and one ways to do something, and keeping up with current news opens my eyes to new ideas, practices and acceptances.