“Advice”: A Creative Skit by Evan Thompson


Open on Evan. A very responsible, very diligent creative working (and by no means checking Facebook or Buzzfeed) at his desk. A co-worker, Morgan, walks up.


Hey, we were wondering if you could write a little advice thing for the creative interns?


Sure, I’ll get right on it!

Cut to two weeks later. Morgan runs into Evan in the kitchen as he’s deciding which flavor of La Croix he’d like next.


Don’t forget we have that check-in tomorrow on your intern advice piece.


Uh… Yeah. Totally.

He returns to his desk in a mini-panic, Berry La Croix in hand, and searches his desktop for the Word document he knows he started two weeks ago. He locates it. It’s blank. Classic.

So he starts to think. For real, this time. And begins to remember the advice passed on to him from Creative Directors over the years.

As he types, the advice scrolls over his head in SUPERS.


(1)    Find your brand.

Maybe you come up with your best ideas at the last minute. Maybe you’re more introspective. Maybe you’re more productive at 6 a.m. than you are at 6 p.m. Great. Find your voice, how you work best, and own it. You’re your own brand – and no one knows what makes your brand perform best better than you.

(2)    Just… be cool.

Alt. Subhead: Don’t be a jerk face. This business is very small and everyone knows someone that knows someone somewhere. Jerk faces don’t get people to help them out. Jerk faces have a hard time finding a gig. So say thank you when you can. Tell someone they did a good job. And, most importantly, mean it when you do.

(3)    Follow the right things.

A pay bump can be very enticing, but it should never be the sole reason for taking a job. Follow people you respect and admire. Follow work that you wish you had made. If you love who you work for and what you’re —working on, the money will come. Eventually. Hopefully.

(4)    Stay scrappy.

You can never stop looking for opportunities. You have to be proactive and self-motivated to make stuff you love. No matter your title, treat every day like it’s your first day on the job. (Minus all the orientation paperwork and stuff.)

Cut to the first draft review with Morgan.


This looks great! But I have a few suggestions…


Cool. Pass them on and I’ll take a look.

He takes a look. Eventually.

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Evan Thompson is a Creative Director at VSA Partners, writing and leading creative primarily for numerous AB InBev brands, as well as Hayneedle.com. In his previous roles at The Martin Agency and Y&R, Evan helped lead work for hotels.com, BFGoodrich, Geico and others. He has a Masters in copywriting from VCU Brandcenter, and is father to an English Sheepdog and a human. Outside of writing, Evan enjoys cooking, running and the Cubs. He can be contacted at ethompson@vsapartners.com