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The Power of Purpose

In this very moment, when selling something feels inherently wrong, there may be no better time to prove the power of purpose. Senior Partner Jeff Walker shares his insights on how purpose-driven organizations can weather the storm and discover renewed meaning to take action, nearly immediately.

Staying True in the New Normal: Brands who really know their character can respond with speed and authenticity

Stay true

Many brands are doing their best to respond to the crisis, to reassure their customers, and to make sure that they have an economic future once this crisis is over. The brands that have been most successful have done so because they know who they are, so their response times have been swift and their messages authentic. Hugh Allspaugh, Associate Partner, Strategy, shares his thoughts on who has done it well so far.

How to work from home (by somebody who knows how weird it is to work from home)

As more and more office workers transition to working away from each other, VSA Senior Copywriter James Wood shares what he's learned during his 18 month odyssey of working remote.

The Virtuous Circle of Highly Unusual, Highly Successful Pitch Teams

Surviving 10 years in business development is no small feat. Now safely on the other side, Strategy Director Michael Girts reminisces about his favorite pitch teams—and the special something they all had in common.

And the Oscar for Best Poster goes to…

Movie posters are one of my favorite forms of communication design They evoke a range of emotions scary heartfelt epic ironic or fun Good ones capture the spirit and story of the film And obviously promote and motivate people to invest a few hours of their time Most people decide to see a movie...

A Radical Shift in Perspective

VSA CEO William Rosen uncovers what a 20th century physicist can teach us about modern brand and business-building.

Vision Check

How’s your 2020 vision coming along? As we enter this new year, it may be time for your next vision checkup—to reset your goals and strategic planning horizon, reassert your business intent, restate your core purpose, and recast your organization’s story as you look ahead to 2025 or 2030.

Winning the customer experience race

Today, the difference between front-runners and also-rans isn’t technology. It’s creating a business that behaves differently in order to create meaningful customer relationships.

Brand narrative: The value of unleashing your inner underdog

Narratives are the most human-centered way to articulate the purpose and character of your business. What makes underdog stories so compelling?

Breaking the rules makes for bigger impact

We all want to be more nimble, to try things our brand has never done before, but today, brands are cautious of landing themselves in hot water. This St. Patrick’s day, we’re considering how taking smart risks can help brands to make thoughtful, yet surprising moves that pay off.