VSA minds at work.

Winning the customer experience race

Today, the difference between front-runners and also-rans isn’t technology. It’s creating a business that behaves differently in order to create meaningful customer relationships.

Brand narrative: The value of unleashing your inner underdog

Narratives are the most human-centered way to articulate the purpose and character of your business. What makes underdog stories so compelling?

Breaking the rules makes for bigger impact

We all want to be more nimble, to try things our brand has never done before, but today, brands are cautious of landing themselves in hot water. This St. Patrick’s day, we’re considering how taking smart risks can help brands to make thoughtful, yet surprising moves that pay off.

Building an authentic network

On International Women's Day, CMO Heather Torreggiani, reflects on the leaders, mentors and peers who have supported and helped shape her career. Specifically, she shares how other women have helped her tackle her fear of networking (a good lesson for all of us!)

Parents, the OG CDs

Thinking about a career as a creative? Chances are you've acquired great life lessons from your parents which you had no idea could apply to your professional life.

Reflections on Human-Centric Design from NeoCon 2018

In a world that's constantly innovating, commercial design is no exception. We couldn't wait to see how leaders at NeoCon are transforming our workplaces and homes, and we certainly didn't leave disappointed.

Silver Linings in the New Advertising Playbook

In today's do more for less environment, it's easy to overlook the perks of our jobs. With help from Partner and ECD Bob Winter, we can find that silver lining in it all.

Six Page-Turners in Our Amazon Cart

It's that time of the year again for lazing in the sun along side your number one companion: your latest summer reading book. Take a peek at what some of our top summer reads are for 2018.

Know Your [Future] User: Applying Outside-In Thinking to Your Digital Strategy

Data and metrics are the backbone for building sites and experiences that meet the needs of users. But is it enough to simply look at the current users, or should we aim higher and look at potential users?

Strategic Inaction: In Praise of Doing Less

In a world run by a fail fast mentality, Nina Khachiyan argues for strategic inaction, describing the incentives for taking a back seat in business, innovation, data and people.