Better define your customers for better results.

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Today’s customers are ever-changing. They are increasingly immune to traditional media and messaging, but expect brands to create lasting experiences.

Meanwhile, marketers with limited resources and time struggle to collect and analyze customer data before real-time opportunities pass them by.

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Brands that understand how to create actionable insights in real time—versus banking everything on one monumental customer segmentation study—are outperforming others. The question therefore becomes:

How do modern marketers better identify high-value customer needs and pinpoint areas of opportunity quickly and more efficiently?

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Using customized quantitative approaches that require minimal investment, VSA helps modern brands gain a sharper, actionable profile of their highest-value customers that they can put to work immediately.

The Eternal Optimist

We would love to go on more family vacations, but it’s way too time consuming to plan out an exciting, unique itinerary that makes the travel worth it.

Segment size

Brand awareness

Net promoter score

Value proposition

Let us design your perfect, personalized vacation. All you have to do is show up.

Projected CAC


Projected LTV



  • Exposing their family to new cultures
  • Gaining a deeper personal appreciation for the histories of other cultures
  • Taking a step off the professional “hamster wheel” to rest and reset


  • Limited time for planning
  • Personally disorganized
  • Doesn’t trust smaller/local travel agents
The eternal optimist accompanying image
The eternal optimist accompanying image

Our Approach

Define Customers. Design Action.

Utilizing an array of sophisticated survey methodologies and advanced marketing analytics, we’re able to efficiently identify high-value prospects based on an evaluation of primary behavioral and attitudinal drivers, “jobs-to-be-done”, and desired experiences within the context of the entire customer journey.

By mapping your high-value customers to your current or future value propositions, we can help project business opportunities and identify customer segment profiles with the highest potential for consideration and conversion.

A refined customer definition delivers clear customer segment profiles with actionable implications that inform:

Value proposition validation:

Test value propositions that are most ownable and relevant

Media planning:

Identify critical touchpoints and opportunities for media investment

Messaging and brand voice:

Identify key messaging concepts that drive awareness, consideration or conversion

Digital experience:

Identify critical opportunities for the role of digital touchpoints and the value of engagement

KPIs / Success metrics:

Prioritize key success metrics and identify KPI’s that are most achievable

Experience models and blueprints:

Define the critical moments of impact and opportunity for a brand to drive value

Our promise

Pinpoint the right type of customers to ignite momentum that advances your marketing agenda today.

Customer Definition for Arity

Like most startups, strategic audience definition was a challenge for Arity. Founded by Allstate, Arity had been focusing their resources on a target that they believed was key to their success.

Within 6 weeks, VSA was able to identify several distinct segments — some not yet identified as high-value by Arity.

The segmentation study also revealed that the audience they’d been targeting had significant barriers to adopting the Arity solution.

Further analysis of the three new, high-value segments revealed that these customers had unmet needs that Arity was uniquely positioned to solve — providing them with untapped financial opportunity.

“As a startup, Arity needed to move fast. Within 6 weeks, VSA helped us identify and hone in on our priority customers so that we could better articulate our value proposition and expand our footprint in our target market.”

Lisa Jillson, Head of Marketing, Arity

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