Elysian Brewing Company

Elysian Brewing Company is one of a kind—brewing beers of unique character (from blood orange ales to pineapple-habanero sours and pumpkin ales) that exist in a world of their own.  As the brand grew to national distribution, it needed to ensure distinct awareness outside of its Seattle hometown. To show the nation how Elysian thinks (and tastes) differently, an integrated campaign centered around the brewery’s Space Dust IPA breaks away from the realm of traditional beer marketing.

VSA captured Elysian’s essence by framing it as a brewery that creates surreal worlds through its beers and its attitude. Video, print and OLA campaign elements each represent “the World of Elysian,” inspired by the mischievous energy that fuels the brewers, by centering around an alternate reality: A reimagined, hand-crafted paper version of Seattle and the Elysian brewery, inviting beer drinkers to explore a new and otherworldly kind of IPA.

Elysian Brewing Company
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