Cargill Organization & Cultural Alignment

Cargill is a distinguished American company: global in reach, broad in offerings, and still family-owned after 150 years in business. But it had never unified its enterprise—142,000 people in 65 countries serving nine stakeholder groups—under a single, compelling masterbrand.

VSA built a Cargill global brand expression that would resonate with a wide range of constituents. In effort to roll out the new expression, VSA worked with Cargill to design and facilitate a series of nine in-person workshops to activate the brand across a range of businesses and geographies. More than 300 Cargill team members across marketing, brand and communications participated in two-day sessions, engaging deeply with the new system while building value propositions and proof points for their areas of responsibility. Spanning four continents, the effort helped unify the organization while making the brand real and actionable prior to its launch.