Borden® Cheese Integrated Campaign

Dairy Farmers of America is made up of over 14,000 members across the nation. Through the Consumer Retail division, the company is dedicated to bringing quality cheese products to consumers. However, in an increasingly commoditized category, there was an opportunity to improve brand recognition across their portfolio, turning to VSA to help make this happen. The first initiative of work focused on Borden® Cheese, a licensed brand from Borden Dairy that accounts for the majority of the division’s cheese revenue.

VSA helped crystalize the new brand strategy, which focuses on the love and care that makes Borden® Cheese so good, to create a link between the dedication that goes into making these products with the love moms put into caring for their families. We designed an integrated campaign that included a new Borden® Cheese website, display ads, paid search, social media efforts, in-store shopper targeting and six broadcast spots. The most notable aspect of the campaign efforts was a Facebook Live session that featured Martha Stewart making grilled cheese and tomato soup using the product. The session marked the first time Martha Stewart partnered with a major dairy brand, and over 215,000 viewers tuned into the video.

Dairy Farmers of America
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