In the latest Adweek, VSA sheds light on the 30-year transformation from design shop to full-service agency. Read the featured piece to see how our design-driven nature has helped VSA stay grounded while growing with the changing landscape of the marketing world.


More and more companies are embracing design-thinking, and many business schools recognize the need to prepare their students for this environment. This Fall, several VSAers are co-instructing the Cohort Leadership Program (CLP) at NYU’s Stern School of Business. In this required course for all freshmen at Stern, CLP teaches business leadership through the lens of design-thinking.


VSA’s Project Management Practice Lead, Carolyn Frazier, talks with PM Network Magazine about her role at VSA and how her team implements design-thinking principles to create strong work for their clients. See how this unique playbook helps her team of 34 project managers transform ideas to reality.


In the third and final installment of VSA’s “____ on Brand” series, Cargill’s Vice President of Global Marketing Paul Hillen shares insight on what brand value truly means for businesses. Take a look to see how Cargill has set the bar for brand value through strong stakeholder relationships and industry thought leadership.


Each autumn, thousands of aspirational designers gather at the national AIGA Design Conference, seven of whom will compete for the title of Command X champion. This year, VSA’s CEO Dana Arnett will join the judges panel in search of the next winner of this renowned design competition.


The annual BayesiaLab Conference brings together pioneers in the field of Bayesian analysis, a statistical technique that’s catching on in the data world because it can uncover surprising relationships. This year’s plenary speakers include VSA’s own Charles Hammerslough, PhD, Associate Partner and Director of Data Science. We caught up with Charlie one week before the event to learn more about Bayes Networks and how VSA is harnessing them to clarify marketing complexities.