It’s no secret that project managers are required to wear numerous hats in their every day work life—account managers, accountants, proofreaders and resource managers to name a few. To best serve both clients and his teams, Project Manager David Forbert takes a hands-on approach, learning the tools of his colleagues’ trade on his own. Read his opinion on what PMs can gain from adopting a “Swiss Army PM-entality.”

The annual Brand New Conference brings together hundreds of designers and creative minds from across industries. This year, VSAers who attended found new inspiration and affirmation in exploring designs that take a risk, yet stay true to the brand first-and-foremost (and all the while still maintaining a healthy work/life balance). Here are some of their top takeaways from the event.

In a world crowded with marketing and advertising, it’s more important now than ever before to understand what your brand can offer to the right consumer. Co-authors of The Activation Imperative William Rosen and Larry Minsky explore what brand activation means for brands and consumers in a piece recently highlighted in The European Business Review.

Marketers have developed distinct strategies and tactics for B2B and B2C selling scenarios, based on the unique decision-making processes each audience takes throughout the path to purchase. However, at the intersection exists a hybrid model—B2B2C—businesses who sell and market their goods and services to businesses who sell and market those goods and services to end consumers. A fragmented audience like this provides a further distinct set of challenges when building, managing and communicating the value of brands. In this piece, Doug Gallow elaborates on a few important considerations in marketing in the complex B2B2C landscape.

Influencer marketing is sweeping the social media world — filling new feeds with what appear to be the best and coolest products on the market. And although this tactic has proven wildly successful for some brands, others struggle to get a strong grip on it, causing followers to second guess the trustworthiness of both brand and influencer. Here are four rules to follow in order to get influencer marketing right.

In the increasingly digital world, the finance industry is quickly changing. From the rise of cryptocurrencies to a growing emotional disconnect to money, financial leaders are feeling the pressure to keep up with the way the world is now banking. In light of the many progressions facing the financial space, here are three core opportunities to help brands stay ahead of the curve.

As the world begins to enter the information age and the Fourth Industrial Revolution, it’s time that marketers, technologists and business leaders revisit the principles that guide their business approaches in order to sustainably steward our economy into the future. Learning from the past’s technology titans, from Carnegie to Ford to Rockefeller, here are three critical principles that will help the world’s new technology leaders successfully guide the economy through a new age of information.

Associate Director of Content Jackie Ostrowski authored a piece for the UK content platform GatherContent, where she offers insight behind the making of the Cargill 150th Anniversary app and website, as well as installations of the brand internally. Her piece evaluates the content strategy and execution tactics that structured these major activations of the legacy agricultural brand during a crucial milestone.

Over the past ten years, options for creating a mobile experience in technology have boomed. While some brands opt for developing an app, others chose to simply create a more advanced mobile website experience. So, how do you know which one is right for your company; a PWA or Native App? Associate Partner, Technology Andrew Falconer breaks down the criteria for deciding which one is better-suited for your brand.

Digital transformation has caused traditional companies to question how they succeed in a world where real-time delivery is the norm. C-suites are scrambling to respond, marketers are updating their messaging, and we’re seeing forward-thinking brands implement advertising and marketing strategies that are focused on responding to the way people consume today—in real-time. Karen Semone, Content Strategy Lead for VSA Partners, talks about four powerful examples of how brands are leveraging “the power of now.”