Associate Director of Content Jackie Ostrowski authored a piece for the UK content platform GatherContent, where she offers insight behind the making of the Cargill 150th Anniversary app and website, as well as installations of the brand internally. Her piece evaluates the content strategy and execution tactics that structured these major activations of the legacy agricultural brand during a crucial milestone.

Over the past ten years, options for creating a mobile experience in technology have boomed. While some brands opt for developing an app, others chose to simply create a more advanced mobile website experience. So, how do you know which one is right for your company; a PWA or Native App? Associate Partner, Technology Andrew Falconer breaks down the criteria for deciding which one is better-suited for your brand.

Digital transformation has caused traditional companies to question how they succeed in a world where real-time delivery is the norm. C-suites are scrambling to respond, marketers are updating their messaging, and we’re seeing forward-thinking brands implement advertising and marketing strategies that are focused on responding to the way people consume today—in real-time. Karen Semone, Content Strategy Lead for VSA Partners, talks about four powerful examples of how brands are leveraging “the power of now.”

Last week, marketers across America gathered in Chicago to discuss the latest in brand activation trends at the ANA Brand Activation conference. VSAers Jeff Walker, Senior Partner, and Partner, Client Engagement Lead Anne-Marie Rosser attended, bringing back five key takeaways on effective activation practices in today’s world.

Companies across all industries go through mergers—they’re one of the largest, most inherently transformative changes a business can ride through. These changes spur sink-or-swim situations, question your brand and provide a pivotal time for how your brand communicates and acts. With this in mind, this article provides guideposts on how to communicate during a merger.

Today, a lot of websites look the same. Whether it’s similar brands using the same stock imagery, having the same layout or identical voices, it’s becoming difficult for brands to be distinct. In order to create a site with personality, we’ve put together keys to creating an authentic digital brand.

The more technology advances, the more purchase-making power consumers are readily delegating to bots. As such, through robo-trading, recommendation engines and virtual personal assistants, a new realm of marketing has begun to emerge: Business to Automaton. In other words, the robot overlords are coming—And they have credit cards. In this piece, Partner and Technology Lead Cory Clarke explores the implications of this new, somewhat sci-fi, consumer.

This year, SXSW was rampant with wild event marketing installations, emerging technology and up-and-coming new brands. While any marketer would be overwhelmed, the 11 VSAers in attendance were eager to soak up every session possible. Their biggest takeaways: AI, design and the new consumer will indefinitely change the marketing game.

At World IA Day 2017, Ara Berberian, VSA’s Director of Experience Architecture, led a conversation that diverged from the usual nuts-and-bots discussions around the Information Architecture landscape: Merchandising in the Age of Invisible UI. Exploring the issues and opportunities this new realm of shopping holds, Ara shares with us four ideas marketers should keep top-of-mind as merchandising migrates further away from traditional expectations.

Each year, the ANA Brand Masters brings together the industry’s top professionals to discuss the trends and changes of today’s marketing world and share insights from valuable brand experiences. Drawing insight from some of the most successful brands around the globe, here are VSA’s top four takeaways from this year’s conference.