Business Development Coordinator




VSA Partners is a group of dedicated, collaborative and kind people that value smarts over egos. We work very hard to create human-centered, insight-inspired work that moves people, changes behavior and solves problems. We started as a design firm 35 years ago and operate today with a design thinking approach to everything we do. Formally, we’re a branding and marketing company that approaches business challenges holistically and aims to break down silos between branding, digital, marketing and advertising. Informally, we’re a family that comes together at the table every day to make something great.

About the Marketing Team
The Marketing Team is the engine that helps grow VSA’s client list, reputation, culture, portfolio and bottom line. It's a high-functioning, quick-thinking, tight-knit group of strategists and doers who move at the breakneck speed of new business to tell our story, solve problems and win pitches. Selling the agency means selling its people, so we consider ourselves servant leaders. We make good when we make everyone else look good. Sound good?


The Business Development Coordinator will handle lead generation specifically for the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. You’ll analyze the best and brightest projects that could benefit from VSA’s broad capabilities and deep talent pool. You will go deep down the crypto rabbit hole building relationships with project teams in the coolest corners of technology. You’ll hang out in Slack, Telegram and Discord channels, make friends and share all the greatness VSA has to offer.


The best part about working in new business is that no two days are the same. Each opportunity is unpredictable – and there’s no such thing as a typical day. If you’re good at anticipating problems, proactively finding solutions and rolling with punches, you’re perfect for this!



  • You've got at least 2 years of experience in Crypto (Ethereum and Bitcoin) as a hobbyist, ICO participant, investor, miner or project team member.  
  • You’re a natural born closer who loves to get deals done.
  • You know how to make friends and influence people.
  • You know how to use Keynote.
  • You’ve got a Bachelor degree — probably in your parents’ attic somewhere.
  • You believe crypto and blockchain are going to be as big as the Internet and you're psyched to help projects get there faster.

Key Traits
Imagine you’re scouring the web, reddit and Medium for all the latest and greatest crypto and blockchain developments. You happen upon a rockstar team with killer tech but it looks like they could use a little bit of direction in terms of strategy and user experience. You connect with the team and share all the amazing work VSA has done for companies like Nvidia, Facebook and Alibaba. You ask, “How we might be able to help you accelerate?” You brief the marketing team on what’s going on and we’re off to the races.

And your new team friends on the marketing team would rave about your: 

  • Hustle. You go non-stop and thrive.
  • Smarts. You diagnose and solve difficult problems.
  • Curiosity. You always want to know more.
  • Adaptability. You roll with the punches.
  • Humility. You don't seek praise, but you're quick to give it.
  • Selflessness. You're a team player through and through.
  • Leadership. You know when to take charge.
  • Versatility. You're part strategist, part creative, part project manager.
  • Relentlessness. You find a way to get it done.