Senior Writer




We’re looking for a Senior Writer. Someone who really cares about words. Someone who doesn’t just skim but reads, in-depth, carefully considering the language before her or him. Someone who might, for a split second, read “Senior Writer” as “Elderly Writer,” either out of consideration for the vast possibilities of the English language or because your quirky mind works like that. No matter. We’re looking for a highly-skilled, pencil-tip-point-sharp Senior Writer to develop relevant, memorable and highly creative communication for brands. One who, as noted, really cares about words, but also about ideas—and, furthermore, how words and ideas support strategy, design, and brand expression. One who considers language exercising the precise care with which influencers select their Instagram filters. One who will go through this and undoubtedly find a few flaws or egregious lack of word economy. So, yes, we need a writer. Seniors welcome.


VSA Partners is a group of dedicated, collaborative and kind people that value smarts over egos. We work very hard to create human-centered, insight-inspired work that moves people, changes behavior, and answers real strategic problems. We started as a design firm over 30 years ago and operate today with a “design thinking” approach to everything we do. Formally, we’re a branding and marketing company that approaches business challenges holistically and aims to break down silos between branding, digital, marketing and advertising. Informally, we’re a family that comes together at the table every day to make something great.


• You will work independently to develop unique concepts and content that solve clients’ business and brand challenges.

• You will think visually as well as verbally, contributing from the outset to the structure, look and feel of a client project.

• You will interact closely with Designers and Creative Directors to create and refine content for a chosen design direction, identifying alternative message strategies for achieving clients’ objectives.

• Concepting, group brainstorming, and writing placeholder copy are always on the agenda

• You’ll be expected to work independently, collaboratively and willfully.

• You will effectively establish and/or interpret brand positioning, tone and attributes.

• Don’t just speak for yourself: you’ll collaborate in the development and definition of the “voice” for clients, programs and projects.

• You will structure content and offer strategic thinking to the creative team, along with knowledge of business and marketing principles.

• You will dig deep, either working with subject-matter experts on client staff to obtain background information; or skillfully interviewing and gathering information directly. (Okay, probably both.)

• You will contribute to and edit creative and strategic briefs presented to clients.

• In conjunction with an Engagement Lead and Project Manager, you will help solve sensitive or difficult client issues.

• You will participate in creative presentations to clients.

• Thou shall observe and manage deadlines.

• You will identify and evaluate potential freelance writing resources and direct them on behalf of clients and the creative team (as needed).


• Must Have: A minimum of 5 years of experience in communications, business, marketing, advertising or a related field

• Necessary: An undergraduate degree in English, Journalism, Communications, Advertising or Integrated/Strategic Communications

• Preferred: Experience in an agency or similar client services environment

• Absolutely: A strong vocabulary; expertise in English usage; and comfort with multiple, often complex writing assignments, styles and disciplines

• Indeed: The ability to focus on user priorities and needs in structuring content

• Please: A knowledge of business, brand and marketing principles

• Yes: The capability to effectively articulate, present and explain writing choices

• Helpful: The ability to produce work quickly

• Naturally: Professionalism when interacting at all levels of the company and with external parties while maintaining effective communication (written and spoken)

• Certainly: Skills in complex problem solving, judgment, critical thinking and decision-making

• Indubitably: Versatility and agility in handling multiple projects and reprioritizations

• Without a Doubt: Ability to organize information, prioritize, have attention to detail, and accurately follow procedures

• Definitely: Self-motivation and the ability to work independently in team environments

• Occasionally: Some evenings and weekend work may be necessary

• Surely: You want to work with extraordinary humans, write extraordinary copy and avoid extraordinarily overused words like extraordinary.